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Why Nature Cooked Food From Glee Gourmet?

Raw & Fresh Food Prepared by Nature

Not refined or pasteurized or processed

Free from pesticides or harmful chemicals

Plant-based diet - fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds

Rich in aroma, taste and nutritions


Natural Immunity Booster

Improves Vitality & Energy

Improvement to chronic diseases

Improve overall health and well being

Reduced impact on the environment

Health Benefits of Plant Based Food

Body Toxins


Easy to

Acid to
Alkaline Body

Acid to
Alkaline Body

Helps in
Maintaining Healthy Weight


Risk of Diseases


Raw Food Ingredients


Meal Options


Great Taste


Lives Touched

Our Founder Says

We at Glee Gourmet firmly believe that health and happiness go hand in hand - one cannot exist without the other. We are ardently passionate about food and health and the connections, bonds, and relationships that blossom and flourish through food. We have confidence that good food, along with being the source of health, well-being and nourishment, is also an invisible thread that binds and brings us together on different levels, an ingredient that nurtures our souls and speaks directly to our hearts through the language of love.

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What Our Customers Say?

The food was awe-inspiring and satisfying - healthy, nutritious as well as delicious. The taste and flavour of the food were very well maintained, so much, so it tasted better than our conventionally cooked food.... Read More

- Kavitha Mahendru

I am 38 years old, and never before in my life had I ever tried consuming an entire meal consisting of only raw food. I feel delighted and grateful that I stumbled across this opportunity through.... Read More

- Rahul Kamdar
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