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We are healthy. We are natural. We are wholesome. We are salubrious. We are GLEE GOURMET.

Founded and established with an aim and intention of helping and assisting people in inculcating healthy habits and sustaining and achieving their fitness targets and long-term health goals every day of their lives - Glee Gourmet provides healthy, nourishing, natural, organic and at the same time delicious, delectable and appetizing homemade meals which are rich in flavour, high in fibre and abundant in nutrients. We enable, equip, and facilitate you to have health, nutrition, and satisfaction - all on the same platter through food that'd make you say "Wow! That's unbelievably incredible" with every bite, leaving you licking your fingers without any shame or guilt. We have an entire range of products called "Fresh and Easy" for delivering healthy and tasty meals hassle-free and with utmost convenience right at your doorstep.

With the same passion, dedication, and a solid commitment to make India healthy, Glee Gourmet has now ventured into different salads, smoothies, fruit juices, detox meals, and combo meals to increase and expand your arena healthy meal options. Glee Gourmet takes complete care in fulfilling all your dietary requirements - right from ensuring strictly vegan food on your behest to avoiding certain ingredients due to specific allergies, we prioritize your health and nutrition in everything we do. As a result, we are not only an excellent subscription service but also bring forth a fresh and unique niche in the health and food industry.

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