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The food was awe-inspiring and satisfying - healthy, nutritious as well as delicious. The taste and flavour of the food were very well maintained, so much, so it tasted better than our conventionally cooked food.... Read More

Kavitha Mahendru

I am 38 years old, and never before in my life had I ever tried consuming an entire meal consisting of only raw food. I feel delighted and grateful that I stumbled across this opportunity through.... Read More

Rahul Kamdar

I found it astonishing that such healthy, exotic, delectable, appetising and nutritious meals and dishes could be made out of only raw, uncooked and vegan food. The spread we had was so appealing.... Read More


Glee Gourmet helped me realise that raw and vegan food is exceptionally healthy, nourishing, and best-suited for our bodies and well-being and can be prepared tasty and full of flavours.... Read More

Kajal Vora
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