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Vision and Mission


The vision and mission of Glee Gourmet are to transform India into a Fit and Healthy nation. We seek and strive to reach out to as many people as we are able to and assist them in achieving their health and fitness goals by making accessible to them absolutely, unconditionally and unreservedly - healthy, nutritious, low-calorie, low-fat and fibre-rich food through our supply of organic, chemical-free and wholly natural meal options. We live by health being the true wealth and firmly believe that a happy and prosperous life cannot exist without good health. With Glee Gourmet, we give it our all to help people transfigure into fit and healthy individuals, becoming the best version of themselves.

"The Concept of Glee Gourmet"

We at Glee Gourmet source vegetables, fruits and absolutely natural food materials through organic farms where they are grown without any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

These raw, natural, organic, unprocessed, unpreserved and garden-fresh vegetables and fruits, completely untouched by human hands, are delivered to us straight out of the farm every day. Then we skillfully and meticulously prepare these vegetables and fruits into healthy and nutritious meals without undergoing any unnatural processes like boiling, frying, grilling or adding artificial flavours, spices, sauces or preservatives. These freshly-made meals are then carefully and securely wrapped into different spill-proof packages, ensuring utmost cleanliness and hygiene before they are delivered right at your doorstep, all set and ready to be served.

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