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Rajendra Sarvaiya

Rajendra Sarvaiya is a 57-year-old Civil Contractor and Labour contractor who’s been managing construction and interior work for over 35 years and the representative and Mumbai coordinator of the New Diet System for 14 years now. He is also the NDS Residential camp organiser and Kangen water distributor.

He embarked on the journey towards a healthy life which also led him to the dream and vision of establishing Glee Gourmet 14 years ago when his health and fitness were at their worst. Although he had many ailments including blood pressure, diabetes and asthma, he met Shri B.V Chouhan. The latter ushered him to the path that directed him to a healthy life, a new diet system, and a sustainable lifestyle, which made him healthy, fit, and vigorous again. Inevitably, though rewarding, the journey was challenging and painful, but he was determined and kept going and eventually achieved desirable results. He also realised that the reason behind his ill-health was cooked food, and hence, he adopted a raw vegan diet, which soon began improving his health in a matter of few days.

Witnessing the propitious and favourable optimal outcome, he also informed and guided other people about his diet. Those who took his advice also witnessed an improvement and betterment in their health. Looking at the humongous response and absolute positive feedback, he then began organising one day seminars in and around Mumbai to raise awareness, later leading to 3 days residential health camps and now eventually 5 days residential camps. He observed and noted that it’s not as difficult for people to adopt this lifestyle as it is for them to sustain and continue with it, inculcating it as a habit. People could not prepare the delicious, vegan and raw food that they provided in their residential camps at home even if they wanted to. For this very reason, they couldn’t keep following the diet and lifestyle for a long time.

To eliminate this problem, the idea and vision of Glee Gourmet struck Rajendra Bhai with an aim to provide healthy juices and food options to people, ensure accessibility and feasibility and deliver them to their doorstep with complete convenience. With hard work, determination, ardent passion and fervent desire, he manifested this dream and brought this vision to reality. As a result, people are now availing these services increasingly, making it easy for them to follow this diet and attain their long-term health goals, ensuring that they are fit as a fiddle, hale and hearty.

Shikkha R Sarvaiya

Shikkha R Sarvaiya is a lawyer and a health coach. An advocate specialising in intellectual property rights and other legal compliances, she also conducts health camps and seminars about the new diet system in and around Mumbai for the past 4 years in order to raise awareness about health concerns and the importance of a nutritious, balanced, wholesome and sustaining dietary lifestyle. She has been following a vegan diet for the past 8 years.

After being obese and struggling with weight and health issues for a long time, she finally resolved to adopt a vegan, plant-based lifestyle for a healthy, fit and balanced life.

After transforming her habits and lifestyle and only consuming plant-based food substances, she lost an entire 35 kgs of weight and has never looked back ever since! She enjoyed every bit of this journey of a healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle without ever needing to compromise on the taste or her love for food. She aspires to help as many people as she can to do the same.


Even for Shikkha, being an ardent foodie, initially, it was an arduous task to be on a prolonged and stringent diet. This led to her experimenting with new recipes and trying out new food combinations. The positive outcome and satisfaction that she achieved while following this plant-based diet was incomparable and unparalleled in her own words. And thus, she firmly decided to follow this diet for the entirety of her life and continued to develop new recipes to create variety and sustain good health and well-being without compromising on taste buds.

The transformation that she reached and accomplished and the drastic optimal changes that a plant-based diet brought into her life inspired her to take this practice further to more and more people. Thus, an urge and fervent desire arose within her to share the same and help people, making them aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Sustaining a plant-based diet is the main challenge that she observed amongst all that attended her health camps. Through her interactions with various people interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle, she realised that there are no options available for such people unless they decide to spend their entire day preparing healthy food.

From there, the idea for Glee Gourmet took shape. She decided that it was time to create an enterprise that helped people achieve their health goals without compromising taste.

Our Core Team

Harsha Rajendra Sarvaiya who have taken the mantle to manage the GLEE GOURMET KITCHEN on themselves.

Both of them passionately develop new recipes and are always on their toes to ensure that the quality, hygiene and taste of the food coming out of our kitchen is not compromised.

Being amazing cooks, they have created healthy and tasty meals for their family and friends for 30 years and now look forward to using this expertise in adding the touch of magic to our meals.

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