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History of Natural Food


During the ancient times and in the primitive world, humans used to be closely and intricately connected to nature. Humans only consumed food that was natural and readily available in their surroundings. Slowly and gradually, with the invention of fire, humans discovered cooked food. They started consuming everything only after cooking it, without realizing that this cooked food was nothing but dead food. As our species evolved further and technology advanced, science, too, as per convenience, supported and encouraged the consumption of cooked food over natural and raw food. But the more humans got disconnected from nature, the more it led to the development, growth and increase of many different kinds of diseases and ailments.

Then, humans invented medicine to cure all these diseases, which was nothing but temporary healing and no permanent or long-term solution to these life-destructing worries. All this has brought us to the present times when the basic requirements of our bodies are not met, resulting in even lower immunity and a more significant threshold of sickness.

This compels us to rethink and reconsider all our decisions, then go back to square one and reinstate our older and inherent lifestyle and original and natural dietary and food habits, which have always been the best for the health and well-being of our species. Hence, we at Glee Gourmet encourage and foster the authentic plant-based diet, teaching and cultivating it in our 'New Diet System' that promotes our motto of "Health without Medicine". We work hard round the clock and give it our all to enrich and strengthen your

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